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Singapore is one of the few culturally diverse places in the world, and you are sure to find plenty of shemales. Unlike the shemales you find in other Southeast Asian countries, the shemales in Singapore are classy.

Since the cost of living in Singapore is much higher, you ought to be ready to spend a substantial sum when taking a ladyboy out on a date. In this article, we will look at the places you can meet shemales and a guide to dating ladyboys in Singapore.

Where to Meet Shemales

Without a doubt, dating sites and apps are some of the best places you can meet shemales. There are many shemale dating sites to consider, and you should look around before coming into the country.

Some of the sites to consider are Ladyboy Kisses, My Ladyboy Date, Tranny Dates, among others. You can also meet shemales in malls but it is up to you to set up the dates.

Take Them to Classy Dates

This is very important if you are a foreigner looking to date a shemale in Singapore. For starters, depending on where you meet the shemale, you should take them out on a proper date. You can then arrange to go clubbing. Ts dating in Singapore can be expensive, but with the proper shemale, you can know where to go for affordable, yet classy dates.

Treat Them with Respect

There have been cases of shemales being mistreated. This has forced many of them to go on the offensive. This makes it important that you treat shemales with respect. Many of them will have pepper sprays and will use them when they feel threatened.  Some couples have gone on to have life-long relationships.


The most important thing to do when dating a shemale in Singapore is to treat them with respect. When looking for a proper date with a shemale, be wary of escort sites that masquerade as ladyboy dating sites. There are many shemale dating sites to choose from that offer hundreds of authentic shemales. Preferably, you should have lined up dates with different shemales to avoid wasting time when you get into the country.

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