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The Japanese society is a prime example of how a society has multiple layers. On the face of it, the Japanese culture is very traditional, conservative and guarded. But when you dig down deeper, it is also the country filled with love hotels. So why is there such a dichotomy in the Japanese culture?

Primarily, Japanese culture is homogenous and very conforming in nature. It has too many taboos and restrictions and often people lead very dejected lives just to comply with society’s expectations.

 But this conformance has also given rise to an alternative lifestyle that has somehow become a part and parcel of the Japanese way of life. Here are some of the strangest things about Japan’s sex culture.

  1. Love Hotels

The Japanese invented Love Hotel because privacy is so hard to find in the tightly packed country. The operation is run free from peering eyes as most of the functions, including check-in, have been automated. This allows Japanese men and women to ‘save face’ and not be recognised for their time at the ‘rest’ hotels. The hotels could be plain old or thematic, depending on how much you are willing to pay.

  1. World Champion masturbator

Japan is also home for the world champion in masturbation – Masanobu Sato. Sato works for a major Japanese sex toy manufacturer called Tenga. He won the championship at San Francisco Masturbate-a-thon and is considered a local hero.

  1. Best sex toys come from Japan – DATCH WAIFU

Japanese are known the world over as the leaders in technology and robotics. They are also the leaders in producing interesting sex toy and their most famous achievement to date is the DATCH WAIFU or the Dutch Wife. These life-sized dolls are made of silicone, anatomically accurate and very soft to touch. They are in high demand and they even run brothels using these Dutch wife dolls. The customer can customise the height of his doll, the features, her clothing, etc.

  1. Crazy Fetish Clubs

Let’s admit it, fetishes can be a bit crazy. But the Japanese fetishes take crazy to a whole new level. For example, they have Vibrator Bars where single girls or couples can experience different types of vibrators. They have another fetish called GAMAN KAO which translates into a ‘patience face’. We know it as an orgasm face. A club that specialises in this kind of porn allows you to see only the face of the actress while she has sex on the other side.

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